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At hbd.card, we offer a comprehensive suite of payment management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of European and UK businesses. Our services are designed to streamline your payment processes, reduce costs, and provide you with greater control and visibility over your business’s finances. Browse our range of services below to learn more.

Our Services

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Payroll cards

Payroll cards are a type of debit card that employers can use to pay their employees instead of traditional paper checks or direct deposit. Our payroll cards are a convenient and secure way for businesses to pay their employees, as funds are loaded directly onto the card, which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including with mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Employees can also use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs or make purchases online or in-store.

Business Cards

Our business cards are designed to help businesses manage their expenses more efficiently. Business cards are typically used for smaller purchases and can help businesses keep track of their expenses while offering employees a convenient way to make purchases without using their personal credit cards. Our business cards are also compatible with mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Corporate Cards

Our corporate cards are designed for larger businesses with more complex expense management needs. Corporate cards are typically used for larger purchases and allow businesses to track and manage expenses across multiple departments or teams. Our corporate cards come with advanced features such as customizable spending limits and detailed reporting to help businesses keep track of their expenses more easily. Our corporate cards are also compatible with mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Virtual Card Issuance

Our virtual cards offer businesses a secure and convenient way to make online purchases or pay for subscription services, including online advertising and campaign management tools. Virtual cards are typically issued with a unique card number and expiration date, and can be used for a one-time purchase or for recurring payments. Our virtual cards offer advanced security features such as tokenization and dynamic CVV codes, which help protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Additionally, our virtual cards can be issued instantly, and businesses can request a high quantity per account to meet their needs. All virtual cards can be easily managed using our high-end mobile application.

Physical Card Issuance

Our physical cards are traditional Mastercard debit cards that can be used for in-store or online purchases, ATM withdrawals, or to access funds from your account. Our physical cards offer the same convenience and security features as our virtual cards, including compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as real-time transaction alerts and 24/7 customer support. All physical cards can be easily managed using our high-end mobile application.

Physical Metal Card Issuance

Our VIP metal card is a premium card designed for clients who require the highest level of service and luxury. Our VIP metal card is made of premium materials such as stainless steel or titanium, and features an engraved design and unique card number. The VIP metal card offers all the benefits of our physical and virtual cards, The VIP metal card is designed to make a statement and provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients. All VIP metal cards can be easily managed using our high-end mobile application.


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Step 01

Fill Out Our Business Application

We’ll use the information you provide to better understand your business’s payment needs.

Step 02

Our Compliance Team Will Review Your Application

Our compliance team will carefully review your application and perform the necessary checks to ensure that your business is a good
fit for our services.

Step 03

Sign The Service Agreement And Start Managing Your Business's Finances

After you’ve signed the service agreement, we’ll provide you with the number of cards agreed upon. With our easy-to-use mobile
application, you’ll be able to manage your business’s financial transactions in real-time, anytime, anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any legal entities registered in the EEA and the UK can sign up and use our services.

Employees can pay for any business expenses, including flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and other goods and services required for corporate purposes using corporate cards. Additionally, hbd.card Business cards are perfectly suitable for online media buying on various media platforms.

Increased control
You can conveniently allocate the budget per card, set the expense limits for each employee, and eliminate unnecessary

Fast expense sorting
Employee expenses are displayed in real time and can be easily sorted by payment type and status.

Accounting optimization
All invoices are stored on a single platform in the digital format, helping streamline documentation workflow and facilitate
financial accounting.

Export reports
You can efficiently process large amounts of data and generate and export reports into files of any format.

Efficient budget management.
Thanks to the unlimited number of issued cards, convenient funds allocation, setting individual limits, and real-time transaction monitoring, you can manage the company budget much more efficiently.

Timely payments to suppliers.
Due to instant card payments and cutting-edge software, you’ll be able to significantly decrease the assessment period with the suppliers and clients, greatly simplifying business processes and speeding up capital turnover.

Streamlining payment processes.
All required information is available on your personal dashboard: metrics, statistics, and payment categories. You can sort out transactions, see their status and employees’ roles, and use other features that make the payment process much
more efficient.

Virtual and physical hbd.card Business debit cards belong to the Mastercard Business class. The cards are accepted worldwide and are perfect for corporate expenses and online media purchasing.

The card accounts are set up in USD and Euros; however, you can make payments in any currency. The
conversion is conducted automatically based on the actual exchange rate of the payment system.

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