Cards Pricing
Virtual CardPhysical Card
Monthly Card Fee$4.95$4.95
Monthly Account Fee$1$1
POS Purchases$0.09$0.09
POS Decline$0.95$0.95
ATM Internation Withdrawal$4$4
ATM Balance InquiryN/A$0.5
ATM DeclineN/A$0.5
Pin ResetN/A$0.12
FX Fee1.50%1.50%
Account Redemtion Fee$15$15
Chargeback Fee$50$50
Dispute Fee$50$50
Card Limits
Maximum Amount per year$400,000
Maximum Count per yearNo Limit
Maximum Amount per month$350,000
Maximum Count per month180
Maximum Amount per day$35,000
Maximum Count per day15
Maximum Single transaction amount$35,000
Minimum Single transaction amount $1
ATM Limits
Maximum per withdrawal$3,500
Maximum daily withdrawal$3,500
Maximum monthly withdrawal$14,000
Maximum number of withdrawals per day4

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